👏 Let’s hear it for the boys!

It’s International Men’s Health Week and it runs from June 14th-20th.

According to Men’s Health Forum in Ireland:

“The week is dedicated to bring awareness to preventable health problems for men of all ages.
Supports men and boys to be in healthier activities and make healthier lifestyle choices.
It encourages early detection and treatment of health difficulties in men.

But why is there a need to hold a Men’s Health Week? …  Males constitute almost 50% of the population on the island of Ireland and, therefore, deserve to have a gender lens focused upon their specific health needs.  Research clearly hows that these men experience a disproportionate burden of ill-health and die too young …
• Local men die younger than women do.
• Males have higher death rates than females for almost all of the leading causes of death and at all ages.
• Men’s poorer lifestyles are responsible for a high proportion of chronic diseases.
• Late presentation to health services can lead to a large number of problems becoming untreatable …
Indeed, while many of these conditions are preventable, their prevalence amongst men may, in fact, rise in the future. 
Men’s Health Week 2021 will, once again, take place against a backdrop of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic.  Worldwide, this virus continues to have a major and disproportionate impact upon men’s health as well as their wider lives.  Even with the hope of vaccination, these are still extremely challenging times.
However, one thing is sure – we all need to focus upon re-building our relationships with family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, community groups, clubs, churches, men’s programmes, sporting bodies, health services etc.  Men’s Health Week 2021 offers an ideal time to think about how this could be done realistically and safely.  Throughout the week, everyone is asked to begin this process of ‘MAKING THE CONNECTIONS’ and to ‘CHECK IN.  CHECK UP.  CHECK IT OUT.’ ...”

So, boys take this week to refocus on your health, lifestyle and the choices you make.
It could help jumpstart a lifestyle that will lead to a better quality of life.  

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