Our Story

Begin your journey by escaping to Emerald Farm. Touch the Ground, smell the distant salty Air, see the enchanting Rainbow, enjoy the Irish Sunshine & feel the soft Rain.

Our Mission is to make products that are simple & affordable.

Jacob and Paisley Hervey, founders of Emerald Farm have brought their love of nature, healthy lifestyle and extensive knowledge in agriculture from California to the Garden of Ireland, a place they now call home. Emerald Farm is not only a place and a product, it’s an experience you can trust.

Several years ago, Jacob was living a lifestyle that was affecting his mental & physical health. He was allowing his anxiety to get the best of him. Jacob was making unhealthy choices to get him through his day to day. His bad habits were preventing him from being the amazing man that he is. Doctors told Jacob that if he didn’t change his lifestyle then his health would continue to decline. He would not live a promising and fulfilling life.

Jacob knew he had to turn his life around. Through the support of a balanced diet, his family, friends, CBD and exercise Jacob’s health and mental wellbeing tremendously improved. He is now happier & healthier than he has ever been. As founder of Emerald Farm, Jacob is excited to share his journey of health & wellness with the world.

Starting Emerald Farm was a passion and dream that has become a beautiful reality.